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স্কুল কোডঃ ৪১৭০
কলেজ কোডঃ ৪১৬০
EIIN- 114634

Profile of Md. Sirajul Islam Talukder
ID No. 1346

Basic Information

Name: Md. Sirajul Islam Talukder

Father's Name: Md. Shahmsul Haq Taluqder

Mother's Name: Hamida Begum

Gender: Male

Religion: Islam

Date of birth:

Academic Qualification: M.A.

Type: Teacher

Category: Assistant Teacher

Subject : Bangla

Date of Joining: 08/05/2018

Blood: A+

Present Address

Village/Holding No: Nalua

Post: Nalua

Word/ Union: Jadoppur

Upazilla/ Thana: Shakhipur

Zilla: Tangail

Permanent Address

Village/Holding No: Jungipur

Post: G. Rampur

Word/ Union: Gabsara

Upazilla/ Thana: Bhuapur

Zilla: Tangail